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Dr. Agha

Dr. Agha Graduated with a bachelor degree in dental surgery in 1998. Became a member of the faculty of dental surgery of Ireland in 2008 and member of the German board of oral implants in 2009. With over 15 years of combined experience from serving in dental clinics in United Arab emirates and in north bay ontario and for patients with diverse back grounds. In 2015 became member of the Royal Canadian dental surgeons of ontario. Dr. Agha has always aspired to become a better version of himself by learning new advances in dental diagnostics, restorative and replacement options. He has a passion for water sports, scuba diving and soccer. In 2017, Dr. Agha became a proud owner of Downtown Barrie Dental and wishes to bring the dental service to the lovely city of barrie as a new chapter in his career.


Tricia has been at Downtown Barrie Dental for over 4 years, while also working in a periodontal office for over 10 years. Her dental experience spans over 20 years. She volunteers her time at The Halliburton Dental Outreach Center, giving back to those in need. Tricia attends The National Dental Hygiene Conference (RDH Under One Roof). These 3 days provide both current and quality dental hygiene education.


When a patient comes in for a cleaning and check-up at 6-month intervals, they’re doing a lot for their smile. Oral health issues don’t always cause symptoms, which is why regular check-ups are necessary in order to catch any problems early that you may not be aware of. A patient could have very early decay that still has a chance to reverse or remineralize, or could have a small cavity that needs to be filled before more extensive treatment (such as a root canal) is required. There are also a number of other oral health issues our dentist checks for… such as any other issues with the teeth, gums or overall bite.

Regular cleanings with a professional are also necessary, because the hygienist uses a special tool to remove plaque and tartar build-up that can’t be removed at home. When these stubborn deposits of bacteria are not regularly removed from the teeth and gums, a person’s oral health can suffer tremendously.

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