About Us

Downtown Barrie Dental is conveniently located in the heart of Barrie and steps away from local businesses, restaurants, museums and the waterfront.

We offer complete dental services for Adults and Children, with a focus on exceptional customer service. We offer General Dentistry, Endodontic(Root Canal Therapy), Short Bicon Dental Implants and Nitrous Oxide sedation is available for your convenience and comfort. We also offer a comprehensive hygiene services, dental check-ups and in office 20 minutes SpaDent whitening services.

We offer opportune hours for early morning, lunchtime and after work appointments.

Are you New to Barrie? Don’t have a dentist? Haven’t been in a long time? No problem!!!

We welcome you to Downtown Barrie Dental! We invite you to come in and meet your new Barrie Dentist and the team.

We offer payment plans thru HealthSmarttm to assist you in achieving your dental goals.

New Patients:

Every new patient who joins our office will begin with an initial comprehensive dental exam and hygiene appointment.

During this time we will educate you about your oral health, treatment options and work with you to customize your treatment.

Our goal as your Barrie dentist is to assist you in reaching your dental goals and to work with you to maintain a healthy mouth.


When a patient comes in for a cleaning and check-up at 6-month intervals, they’re doing a lot for their smile. Oral health issues don’t always cause symptoms, which is why regular check-ups are necessary in order to catch any problems early that you may not be aware of. A patient could have very early decay that still has a chance to reverse or remineralize, or could have a small cavity that needs to be filled before more extensive treatment (such as a root canal) is required. There are also a number of other oral health issues our dentist checks for… such as any other issues with the teeth, gums or overall bite.

Regular cleanings with a professional are also necessary, because the hygienist uses a special tool to remove plaque and tartar build-up that can’t be removed at home. When these stubborn deposits of bacteria are not regularly removed from the teeth and gums, a person’s oral health can suffer tremendously.

Has it been over 6 months since you last had your routine dental visit? Book an appointment at our Downtown Barrie dental clinic today!